A Series of Difficult Conversations...

Bradford Hate Crime Alliance exists to support the victims of hate crime and to co-ordinate the network of reporting centres that work with us. Reporting hate crime is essential, but education is the key and our new podcast aims to raise awareness of hate crime through the sharing of lived experience as well as providing a forum to have the difficult conversations that need to be had about the issues that lie at the heart of hate crime in 21st Century Britain.

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Monday May 20, 2024

In 1969, after a sustained campaign of abuse and discrimination from two police officers, David Oluwale was found dead in the River Aire in Leeds. In the immediate aftermath nothing happened, until stories of the abuse, circulating among other officers, reached the ears of young police cadet Gary Galvin, then aged 18. His reporting of the officers in question resulted in the first prosecution of police officers for offences against a person of colour.
In this episode Gary's son Carl, himself now an Assistant Chief Constable with West Yorkshire Police, discusses the case of David Oluwale, the vital role his father played in bringing the offending officers to justice, and the price paid for being an upstander.
The documentary that Carl mentions can be seen here:

Wednesday Apr 17, 2024

In this episode we're joined once again by journalist and playwright Jonathan Cash as we remember, 25 years on, the London nail bombings of April 1999, exploring how they affected society at the time, and looking at where we are now as a society in relation to hate crime.
Jonathan recently had an article published in The Guardian about his lived experience as a survivor of the Soho bomb attack which you can read I was having a drink on a warm spring evening - then a nail bomb exploded just feet away
He also contributed to the BBC Radio 4 documentary marking the 25th anniversary of the bombings which you can listen to here: Fragments - The London Nail Bombings

Wednesday Mar 20, 2024

In this episode, Richard Padwell, the temporary Bradford District Commander, discusses West Yorkshire police's approach to hate crime, how they are building trust in communities, and why hate crime reporting is so important.

Thursday Mar 07, 2024

Phil is a partnerships and engagement oficer with Stronger Communities here in Bradford. His influence on establishing support networks for the LGBTQ+ community in Bradford, is undeniable and here, he shares his creer experiences as well as his own personal experience of hate crime.

Wednesday Feb 14, 2024

In a heartwarming interview, Jonathan Cash, author, journalist, and playwright discusses his experiences as a victim of the Soho nail bomb, its impact on his life, the attitudes of society towards victims of trauma, and how his experience moulded his future career.

Thursday Dec 21, 2023

In this episode we are joined by Tom Gaffney, the services manager at Leedsgate, and Bernard Cunningham, a member of the GRT community working at Leedsgate in suicide prevention and mental health support as we discuss the issues that the community have to face each day, together with the normalisation of the hate directed towards them. An honest and very frank interview that we hope will be thought provoking, especially as we head into Christmas and its message of peace and goodwill to all.

Friday Dec 08, 2023

Heather is the Youth Services Development Manager for Bradford Children and Familes Trust. In April 2023, when the Knife Angel came to Bradford to help raise awareness, Heather produced a stunning piece of work on the impact of knife crime that she very kindly shares with us here. We also discuss commonalities between hate crime and knife crime.

Wednesday Nov 15, 2023

To mark UK Disability History Month 2023, we talked with Darryl Smith. Darryl is an inclusive practice consultant, and equality and inclusion trainer with specialism in disability awareness and hate crime, a programme lead with Equality Together and an equality, diversity and inclusion champion.

Saorsa Tweedale Part 2

Monday Dec 05, 2022

Monday Dec 05, 2022

The second part of the unmissable interview with Saorsa. 

Saorsa Tweedale Part 1

Monday Dec 05, 2022

Monday Dec 05, 2022

Saorsa is one of the UK's greatest advocates for trans rights. In a climate where hate crime is growing against the trans community at an alarming rate, Saorsa tells the reality of daily life for trans people and why the rhetoric surrounding gender is contributing to that. Part 2 to follow......


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